My name is Electra, a Denverite transplant from Fargo, ND. I moved here about eight years ago and since then have lived in neighborhoods in the heart of the city like Capitol Hill and Five Points. I even spent two years in Boulder!

When I’m not tadaDENVER-ing, you can find me traveling from sexual and reproductive health centers across the region as a medical assistant. Needless to say, I am a strong advocate for reproductive rights. Traveling for work has afforded me the opportunity to discover places I otherwise wouldn’t have bumped into.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my rescue dogs, six pound Icky (terrier mix) and his little, but larger, brother Hobbes (schnauzer lab). This probably doesn’t surprise you if you have been to the pet friendly Denver area. On weekends, my partner and I explore the greater area together trying new happy hours, brunches, cuisine, dog friendly hikes, and hot spots.

After sharing my home with 100+ Airbnb guests for a year, I realized my where-to-go recommendations were valuable and deepened their stays. Now that I don’t Airbnb, I’ve decided to continue helping others enjoy all that Denver has to offer through tadaDENVER.

What not to expect from me: this will not be a detailed description of trails, pricing, or directions. Just small ideas for people looking for small adventures around town.

If you have any recommendations for me, please reach out! I’m always looking for new faces and places in Denver.

So, please, enjoy Denver with me!



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